Basements and Garages

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Glass Block for Basements and Garages

New glass block windows installed in your basement or garage can better secure your home or business, and windows are a practical choice. They can also help decrease energy bills by protecting against harsh weather and improving insulation, and they are virtually maintenance-free. For garages and basements, glass block provides an attractive and clean design and makes an ideal choice for your renovation project. Using our process for fabricating the glass block windows, we securely construct the blocks using a bonded and cured reactive sealant technology, which makes the window secure and weatherproof and allows light to pass through while obscuring visibility from the outside.

Professional Installation

For all garage and basement glass block window installations, we handle the entire process from removing the whole frame to replacing it when we install the new glass block window. This process provides a weather-tight fit for the poured concrete and concrete block installations.

Window and Installation Costs

A majority of Security Glass Block basement windows are installed for $160–$195 per window, $25 additional per vent, and $15 per dryer vent. Prices include complete removal of the old window and frame, all materials, and all labor to install as well as clean up and remove associated debris.

The price range listed is based on nominal window sizes from 28 inches to 40 inches wide and from 12 inches to 28 inches high, and it does not include every possible size and/or configuration.

Note: Prices suggested above are based on many common window opening sizes (there is no single standard-size window) and may not reflect the size opening that you want to have glass blocked. Also, prices suggested above for basement windows are based upon three or more windows installed at the same time.