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Glass Block for Bathrooms

Glass block bathroom windows can transform the room into a more relaxed atmosphere, provide more privacy, or make the room more secure. They can also better insulate the room and prevent drafts. When you are seeking privacy and the clarity for light to pass through, bathrooms benefit from a quality glass block with our process. The high-quality glass block process we use for all installations fends off mold growth (because we don’t use mortar between the blocks), and a superior bond is created.

Typically, Security Glass Block bathroom windows are installed for $350–$490 per window, including a vent. Bathroom windows may require tile, tub surround, or other interior finish work after installation. The price range listed is based on nominal window sizes from 24 inches to 36 inches wide and from 38 inches to 54 inches high, and it does not include every possible size and/or configuration.

Note: Prices suggested above are based on many common window opening sizes (there is no single standard-size window) and may not reflect the size opening that you want to have glass blocked. Also, prices for bathroom windows, suggested above, are based upon three or more windows installed at the same time.